Who we are at our core comes back to what we believe. We believe that being treated with respect, honesty and integrity are key values. We know these beliefs and values will be of benefit to you in how we serve you.

Come one, come all, it does not matter your race, faith or creed – you can trust in the fact that we treat every one of our clients, associates and friends like the true treasure they are, because that is who we are and we believe that makes all the difference in the world.



Dykes has over 20 years experience in National Television and Radio. He has been a nationally syndicated radio host and spokesperson, National Media Director and National Sales and Marketing Director for 3 National Television Channels on Dish Network and 85 TV and Radio affiliate channels. He has worked on air, in front and behind the camera, he has written and directed hundreds of radio and TV shows, hosted live events and created national sales and marketing campaigns. He was named a 2013 Gulf Shore Business Magazine “40 under 40” winner, a 2014 Telly Award winner and 2014 Davy Award winner. Matt has been involved in, and had a love for the entertainment and advertising industry since he was a kid. In his early days he was the youngest roadie out there, traveling and helping setting up his father’s multi-platinum, gold album and Dove Award winning music group shows. He spent countless hours in recording studios and in creative sessions, brainstorming with the big guys. This inspired his dreams and provided him with knowledge and a network that rivals anyone in the industry today. Along his journey he emceed festivals, was a nationally syndicated radio host and spokesperson, ran live feeds and events, handled media placement and strategic planning, developed national and international sales/marketing campaigns for fortune 500 companies, studied and worked in television production, did voice over’s and developed profitable business relationships everywhere he went. His candor and can-do attitude breed faith and trust with clients and associates. To say he thinks ‘out of the box’ is a cliché but is nonetheless true. He possesses a unique ability to see relational opportunities for growing businesses and the drive to bring his ideas to fruition. When you work with Matt it is always a win-win situation.




Hope is a seasoned, award winning professional with a sales, marketing and national television broadcast background. Her clients have ranged from fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations, on a local, regional, national and international level. Hope is a creative, solution oriented executive. Her “hands on” management style insures every product meets stringent high quality standards and her personality puts clients at ease, even in high pressure situations. Having run three nationally broadcast satellite and IPTV channels, multiple television production companies and having created innovative television programs makes her knowledge of media and all that encompasses an unparalleled asset to have in your corner.


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