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Daley Dose – Unusual Social Media Campaigns - February 24, 2015

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This week’s episode is about fun ways to use marketing, specifically Twitter. Thanks to Shannon Livingston of Blonde Empire for the request to cover this topic! So there are a lot of different ways to use Twitter and other social media sites but today I want to specifically address combining 2 unlikely things for one killer campaign. Take an inanimate object – Could be a toaster, a stuffed gorilla, a cause bracelet – whatever represents your organization or product visually. Then get your social media followers ENGAGED in an interactive campaign with your brand.

Daley Dose – Mobile Video Viewing - February 17, 2015

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In this week’s episode of the Daley Dose I am joined by expert Mark Cyr of Dolphin Global Technologies. an expert in the area of Mobile marketing. Mark Cyr of Dolphin Global Technologies. We discuss video content and its effectiveness in engaging and sparking interest in consumers. Did you know that 80% of online visitors will watch a video in its entirety compared to just 20 percent who will read content all the way through? We also discuss if the length of a video make a difference, especially when being watched on a mobile device, where screens are smaller. We also cover trends and what that means to your business.

Daley Dose – Vine Video for Business - February 10, 2015

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Can six seconds really be worth it? You may have picked up from the title that what I am going to discuss in this Daley Dose episode is Vine videos. Vine allows six second videos to be created and shared on Twitter. Vine brings big attention to small screens. Some major brands pay up to $25,000 per six-second video to place sponsored posts on Vine, Instagram (15 seconds) and Snapchat.

Daley Dose – Driving Digital Donations - February 3, 2015

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This episode of the weekly web series, the Daley Dose, is about Driving donations digitally. Google partnered with Millward Brown Digital to conduct an online survey using panelists who researched a non-profit within the past 12 months using a panel of 2 million U.S. consumers. Matt shares some of the key findings with you in this short video. If you’re a non-profit that engages in fundraising this is a useful tool with lots of information for you – enjoy!

Destination Filming – Weekly TV Episodes - January 28, 2015


After spending many years in the national television market, on various sides of the production and broadcast process, we know without a doubt that there isn’t a simple answer for someone looking to get into producing a weekly television program. There’s no “one size fits all” solution and the costs vary wildly depending on what market you are in and about a million other factors.

Daley Dose – Hash Tags - January 27, 2015

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Hash tags aren’t too terribly new yet they are still new enough that people always ask me what a hashtag is and why or how would they do one?
To the social media novice, hash tags might seem confusing and annoying but if you understand their purpose and learn how to use them, Hash tags are a powerful tool to help you engage your target audience and increase your brand awareness.

Home for the Holidays with GM Video messages - January 12, 2015

Xmas Guerilla SM blog

This holiday season we offered something out of the ordinary, and something not just for businesses either, a holiday video greeting. We figured it was a fun way to send loved ones or business associates a unique and personal message. We purchased animated backgrounds with wrapped packages, snowmen, falling snow, etc. and filmed people on the green screen in our studio.

Mary Maxim shares their rich history with GM video - November 21, 2014


This year we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with a new, national client – Mary Maxim. They needed a history video and had a ton of amazing historical photos, video clips, print ads, catalog covers, patterns and more. Yes I said “Patterns” because they are the largest mail order merchandiser of exclusive needlework and craft kits in North America. They are also a 3rd generation, family owned and operated company which I absolutely LOVE!

The Daley Dose is back - November 14, 2014

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The weekly web series, The Daley Dose, is back in production and looking better than ever with upgraded HD quality, a custom virtual set that will premiere in the December episodes and fresh, new graphics. The Daley Dose is a free video marketing series made available by Guerilla Media to help share best practices and educate how video can be used as a powerful tool in various industries and situations.

Guerilla Media wins 2014 Davey Award! - October 24, 2014


Earlier this week we received an email from Linda Day, Executive Director of the Davey Awards, advising us that we were awarded our very first Davey Award! Our project was selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for this honor from tens of thousands of entries. The project was a non-profit, fundraising video for the Naples Art Association that shared the story of one special student, Hannah.