Speaking & Training

We engage and educate your audience on the power and multiple uses of video.
We love the opportunity to be out meeting new businesses, organizations, foundations and individuals who want to learn more about who we are, what we do, how video is constantly changing the marketing & advertising landscape and how they can leverage that for their own benefit.

We enjoy teaching people why and how they should use video to share their story, build their brand and grow their business.

We speak on topics like:
• Shortening your Sales Cycle
• Connecting with More Customers
• Why it’s Critical to Share Success Stories from your Clients
• How Product Videos Increase Conversions
• Video on Social Media
• The Emotional Connection of Your Brand
• How to Raise Awareness and Funds for Your Cause
• …and more!

Custom presentations or new topics are always a welcome challenge, just let us know your need.
Being in our industry means that we like to integrate video into our presentations, so they’re always entertaining and easy to understand. We clearly demonstrate the uses and power of video for a variety of audiences in an engaging way, inspiring them to take action.

We have spoken to:
• Non-profits at “Thinking Outside the Box” seminars
• Graduates of Goodwill Microenterprises
• College classes of student entrepreneurs and future production crew at OU and FGCU
• Actors and industry professionals of United Film & Television Artists
• Inventors and business owners at the Entrepreneur Society of America (ESOA)
• Executives and professionals at the N.A.P.L.E.S. Group
• The Social Media Club of Southwest Florida
• …and more.

To schedule Guerilla Media to speak to your organization please contact us via our contact page on the site or give us a call at 239.231.3161.