Corporate & Business

Guerilla Media creates video content for businesses to win more customers and earn more money.

We create custom video content about your business for Television, Websites, Social media, Email, Mobile Marketing and More... Our professional film crew comes to your business and shoots an original short showcasing your business in action, highlighting what makes you the 800 LB gorilla in your industry. From a small business owner to a corporate giant we break your message out of its cage. We put your video to work for you. We share your brand all over the world using television, websites and the king kong of word of mouth advertising, social media. Share your story, Build your brand, Grow your business.

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Types of Videos Produced: 

TV Show
TV Commercials
Website Overview
Client Testimonial
How To

A La Carte Services: 

2 Minute Video
In Studio shoot
1 HD Cameras
Audio Kit
Full Light Kit
Client Info Graphic
Licensed Music
Trim Edits