Videos On Product Pages Create Conversions

By Carly Engel

Videos on Product Pages create Conversions
A new survey from LiveClicker states that a video on a product page can increase sales on average about 50%. If you upload videos to most of your product pages, versus just one or two, you can expect to see a 68 percent increase in average order sales. In fact Retailers that uploaded video to most of their product pages reported that conversion rates were nearly 80% higher than those of retailers with product videos on less than 25% of their landing pages. Retailers with videos on 25-50% of their product pages reported 31% more conversions. Retailers who included videos on their product landing pages saw a sales conversion rate of around 9%.
Customers who watched 10 or more videos spent 119% more than customers who watched just one video.
71% of marketers confirm that video converts better than other types of web content.
There also seems to be a direct correlation between revenue and fresh video content, with LiveClicker survey responses indicating that more videos plays brought in more sales. For each 1% increase in video plays in the last 30 days before the survey, the average monthly revenue increased by more than $13,092.84.
Always post your videos to social accounts on high-traffic sites like Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. You should definitely post to YouTube and build your audience and engagement there. The brands taking part in Liveclicker's survey confirmed that posting to each additional distribution channel increased video plays by an average of 21,160 per quarter, and also generated a quarterly average of $50,513 in revenue.
Lots of Valuable information for you to consider here – pun intended!
If you are selling products, online, a product video or rather a series of them can really impact your bottom line!
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