Video Blogging Tips Part 2 Of 4

By Carly Engel

Video Blogging tips Part 2
Welcome back for Part 2 in this month-long series of tips to help you get started on your own video blog. This week I’m going to discuss equipment with you.
First you want the quality of your video to be HD, so get a nice quality DSLR camera that can film video or invest in a high quality web cam if that’s going to work out better for you. Your choice should factor in what style of blog you are doing and I reviewed those with you in Part 1 last week.
Next is lighting. You don’t have to invest in professional lighting but don’t make these rookie mistakes –
Don’t have a light source above your head and in frame of the shot. You don’t want to have a big glow above you but have no discernable face due to the major shadows.
You can use existing lighting just consider moving your lights close enough to impact the camera sensor to lighten the image up. If you choose this option then try swapping out your bulbs for natural lights or blue-ish bulbs.
Try to avoid creating shadows with your light placement.
DO TEST SHOTS. Play with it until you get it right.
You can also find relatively inexpensive LED lights and light stands online. If you’re in it for the long haul consider investing up front in this item.
Lastly is audio. You need a good microphone. Don’t rely on your computer microphone or your DSLR camera microphone. They both will pick up a ton of background sounds and you won’t get clear, easy to understand audio. If you get a stand-alone mic be sure it has a good condenser to filter out the competing noises. These can plug in via USB to your computer. Otherwise consider a lapel microphone you can clip to your tie or shirt. These provide the best directional recording and minimize the junk you don’t want to hear.
If this all sounds like too much for you still then consider engaging a professional to help you. Let them do all the heavy lifting and you just worry about content and bringing your personality to the shoot.
Next week we’ll round third base with some tips on video blogging tools you can use to make your life easier.
And we’ll end our month-long focus on the topic of video blogging with an episode addressing length of videos, screen size and your audience.
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