Personal Home Watch - Greg Lordi

By Matthew

Personal Home Watch - Greg Lordi

Hello my name is Greg Lordi. I am the owner of Personal Home Watch.
Your home is a big investment. Why would you put that at risk?
Don’t think you are? Well that’s exactly what you do every time you leave your home unattended.
A vacant home is a vulnerable home and Personal Home Watch is a vital service.
The market is currently served by “neighbors doing favors”…they’re usually well-meaning individuals,
Some are ‘add-on’ services by existing businesses,
and there are some people who are just plain taking advantage of residents who need home watch.
I can’t emphasize this enough - Regularly scheduled visits to your home, by a trained professional, are critical.
I am a trained, tested and trusted home watch professional who is insured, bonded and background checked.
As a proud affiliate of Your Home Watch Professionals, my mission is to provide residents in the Naples area with exceptional home watch service.
I owned consulting companies and worked for Fortune 500 corporations for too many years.
I’ve provided exceptional service by paying attention to details and effectively doing “Whatever The Day Demanded”.
I bring this same work ethic to every home watch client. It’s about providing exceptional quality service.
Don’t leave your biggest investment at me today.
My services are about the difference between damage and disaster.

Phone: 239-989-1464

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