New Tailor Tips from Rocco's Tailor Shop

By Matthew

In Season 8 of the Jackets Required web series we've decided to put a twist on things. We have shortened up the videos, taken an edgier approach and infused some humor in what is now called, Tailor Tips. Tailor Tips are a bi-weekly segment hosted by Dominic Lacquaniti, owner & designer of Rocco's Tailor Shop. The 1st Tailor Tip video aired in July to great response. We have seen increased engagement and sharing across social platforms with the new, re-branded slant on the series. Bespoke custom clothing has never been so refreshing and so enjoyable! Check out the 1st Tailor Tip segment here...

'Busted Up Sneakers"-Tailor Tip 1-by Jackets Required-Naples, FL

Welcome to the new segment, Tailor Tips. Every other week I'll bring you a quick tip to 'step up' your appearance. On that note, this week let's talk about sneakers. This style of shoe went past its' limited intention of athletics years ago.

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