New Cloud Based Point of Sale System for Restaurants - Linga

By Andrea Paulsen

Bring Zen Back to Your Business with Linga POS by Benseron

Are you still using 80’s technology to run your business?
With Linga, the newest, cloud-based Point of Sale System from Benseron, your system will never go down, even if your internet connection does.
Enjoy the convenience of Texting customer receipts.
Plus Linga operates in multiple languages,
Makes accepting credit cards a breeze and it protects you and your clients with the new EMV Chip technology.
Online ordering is a breeze because every account comes with a website, and Each order automatically adjusts your inventory control.
Linga also provides CCCTV monitoring available on all of your various mobile devices, so you can easily control lighting, air conditioning systems and manage multiple stores from one device.
Because Linga is cloud-based, It serves as a hot-spot for customer wi-fi AND collects important in-house and customer data for you.
If you have 1 store, or multiple stores around the world, Linga lets YOU manage them all easily with the simple push of a button.
Bring Zen to your Business today with Linga the newest cloud based Point Of Sale System from Benseron.

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