M.A.D.D. Southwest Florida

By Matthew


Everyday 28 people are killed by drunk drivers…
and 800 people are injured.

That’s one death every 51 minutes,
and an injury every 2 minutes! The fatalities and injuries happen to those we love.

These are alarming numbers.
This IS an epidemic…
and no one is immune.

It takes our entire community to ensure there are no more victims of drunk, drugged, or substance impaired driving or underage drinking. And, it starts with one person making a decision to not drink or take any drug, legal or illegal, and drive.

Although MADD is a national organization,
we are self-sufficient locally.
Our national organization relies on the ‘field’ to affect the mission to make positive change.
Our grassroots efforts are critical to the safety and well being of drivers and passengers everywhere.
That’s where YOU come in!

Visit our Facebook Page to stay informed about local opportunities, programs, resources and special events.
Help us spread the word, raise awareness and educate people about the dangers of substance impaired driving. Help us prevent tragedies and SAVE LIVES!

Get involved BEFORE you have a reason to Need us. Most importantly, drive Safely.

24-Hour Victim Help Line 877.MADD.HELP

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