Longform Video

By Carly Engel

Long Form Video aka – Storytelling
This week I want to get you up to speed on what we TV folks like to call “long form video.”
Pretty much since day one our mantra has been, “Share your story, build your brand, grow your business.” We know that everyone has a story, and that story is the key to making them stand out and be noticed.

Long form video is just better for telling a story than short form is.
Tell a good story and you evoke emotion.
Emotion drives behavior.
You want your viewers, prospects, clients, donors to DO something?
Make them FEEL something,
Make them want to ACT.

Here are some reasons that long form video makes sense for your business, product, service or non profit:
Long form video continues to generate the most advertising dollars and leads to more conversions.
The most used online platforms not only support long form video but reward you for doing it!
You Tube, Hulu, Vimeo, Google Plus, Facebook and even Twitter are (or are about to be) long-form friendly and offer stats and results to go along with the SEO boost they provide you.
If you have an emotional cause or are passionate about your business it translates on camera and most importantly it touches your key audience.

Big brands know how well this works.
The TV and Movie industry are MADE of this stuff.
It’s time to step up, join the big leagues, level that playing field and give long form video a try!
Share YOUR story, don’t be the only one who knows it...that’s just a waste!

Next week Matt will be talking about short-form video…see you next time!

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