Logic And Emotion In Video Marketing

By Carly Engel

I recently read a great article on this particular topic. Yes I know you’re saying to yourself, “you read a lot for someone who’s so gung ho about video” but in my defense REEL SEO does great articles with videos and so does Entrepreneur Magazine, 2 of my favorites.
Marketing is an art and a science. There’s the logic of needing to explain to the consumer what your product is, what is does and why they need it but there’s also the art of evoking emotion that resonates with your brand and in turn makes your brand resonate with your audience.
Know your industry and your audience.
Dyson is a perfect example of a Logic-based marketing campaign. They show you a product demo, compare it to competitors to show it’s designed and works differently (and dare I say better) than most. They logically create a need for their product.
On the flip side are sportswear and luxury items like jewelry. Nike had one of the most emotionally empowering campaigns with their “just do it” slogan. DeBeers diamonds and the “He went to Jared” campaigns are emotionally driven. No one really NEEDS Diamonds but no one would turn them down – so naturally it’s a harder, or rather a DIFFERENT type, of sell for the product.
The best solution, if you want to cover your bases and your product can back it up, is to combine the 2 styles. Everyone is different so each viewer may have a different response to your ad – some may latch onto a fact that answers a specific need they have and thus you have your logical sale, while others may be left with that lingering emotional nagging feeling that they just “have” to have it. One customer isn’t “better” than the other, they are just different. The same can be said for Logic versus Emotion when it comes to marketing. It’s a balancing act and that is exactly why you need to know your product, your industry and your audience before you begin.
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