How to market CBD and Hemp with video

By Matthew

The biggest ‘new’ industry is definitely in the Cannabis space. There’s medical versus recreational use, and they are very different markets, but both face the same challenges of old stigmas. Hemp is yet another area of huge growth and explosion and this one is in the face of some old-school “big” industry. So how do you market something like this?

First things first, education is key. The more people see and learn about hemp and cannabis, the more old walls and stereotypes will fade away. Social media has played a huge role in helping this happen already. People coming out of the “pot-closet” are rapidly becoming acceptable thanks to people sharing their personal stories and videos.

When it comes to some of the amazing medical miracles cannabis is providing some really wonderful stories. There is no better way to provide first-hand evidence of the amazing results than with video.

Marketing something that still has a stigma attached to it can be tricky. Again, start with education. While the idea of cannabis has been marginalized for decades the truth is – it is very complicated and the average person doesn’t know what they don’t know. Remember, this is all new information and it needs to be presented in digestible doses for it to really be able to sink in.

It is very scientific when you get into the details of terpenes, receptors and what strains treat different diseases. While it’s amazing, it’s also confusing to the vast majority of people. You can’t just ask your general care doctor as they aren’t embracing it or getting the training and knowledge themselves to be able to utilize it. So if you’re tasked with marketing a product like this, where do you start?

Start by explaining how and why it works. Then explain how your product is created and definitely do get into the details because it makes a huge difference in the actual product and use. Simplify it as much as possible by using motion graphics to animate how the body processes and uses it, how your process is beneficial and better than the competition. If you’re in a market where it’s been widely accepted for a while you’re probably well past this point and have already done this successfully.

Once you’re past the initial educational marketing phase (education should always be a part of your marketing in this industry) it’s time to have some fun with the marketing. Look at the Snoop & Martha’s Dinner Party television program for a great example of unique content marketing where it’s joked about and implied but not actually used. It’s still exactly what people are thinking about while watching that program, let’s be real.

At the end of the day the most powerful video marketing that the cannabis and hemp industry can do is, and will remain, the grassroots personal stories of success and triumph over insurmountable odds and diseases. Everyone loves a survivor story. Everyone roots for the underdog. It’s basic human nature. When you hear and see someone that was told they would be dead in 6 months from bone cancer then they’re medically proven to be cancer free, it’s a modern day miracle. It’s life changing not only for the survivor but also for the viewer. When you hear that new housing materials are being created from hemp that will provide emergency shelter for victims of natural disasters, disaster proof long lasting affordable housing solutions and will also stop deforestation and the destruction of our planet, it resonates and it sticks. The fan base grows every day as people embrace the amazing array of things this plant can do.

There’s no better video marketing out there than sharing emotional, real life stories of solving impossible problems. This industry is stopping debilitating seizures, curing cancer, reversing the effects of Parkinson’s and ending opioid addiction. There’s no specific age range because it literally helps everyone on some level, so the audience is HUGE. This is the only stuff that actually competes with cute cat videos on the Internet and that’s no small feat.

Then when it comes to sharing your videos, video has a wonderful shelf life in that there’s the ability to share the video on YouTube, your own website, social media, embedded in email, etc. There are a ton of options and knowing how to best market your products is best left to the experts. Much like trying climb Mt Everest yourself, it’s a perilous and long journey that will likely end in disaster without expert guidance. So when we help you create the perfect promo video to market your hemp and CBD products, and we highly suggest you create marketing videos, ensure you get the most out of those videos by hiring expert digital marketers who can ensure those videos are seen by the most number of people.