Haven of Hope

By Matthew

Orphaned, Abused and Abandoned…

This is the sad reality for thousands of children living in poverty in Bolivia today. There IS hope…Haven of Hope International …
…Rescues the at-risk, Loves the abandoned, Restores the broken hearted And equips them to change the world.
In 2002 is the first time I went to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and saw firsthand children living on the streets and realized these kids need a haven of hope.
Haven of Hope creates and supports orphanages through prayer, strategic direction, and financial resources… allowing the staff to focus on what they do best,
providing for daily needs in a caring and loving family environment which fosters true restoration and growth.
Haven of Hope creates and supports orphanages providing for the physical, emotional, educational and
spiritual needs of children. They are changing lives and creating futures for children who would otherwise have no hope.
You can impact the lives of these children today with your 100% tax deductible donation.
You can choose to fund a specific need at the orphanage,
Or sponsor a child directly and hear from them the ongoing difference you are making in their lives.
We’d be honored that you’d pick Haven of Hope to support. Certainly the kids would benefit and you’d be investing in the lives of some great kids.
To learn more about Haven of Hope,
who they help, and how YOU can be a part of this wonderful work, visit…
Get involved!
Make a difference and give the gift of Hope to a child in need today!

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