Fun Ways To Use Social Media

By Carly Engel

Fun ways to use social media –
Welcome back to the Daley Dose. This week’s episode is about fun ways to use marketing, specifically Twitter. Thanks to Shannon Livingston of Blonde Empire for the request to cover this topic!

So there are a lot of different ways to use Twitter and other social media sites but today I want to specifically address combining 2 unlikely things for one killer campaign.

Take an inanimate object –
Could be a toaster, a stuffed gorilla, a cause bracelet – whatever represents your organization or product visually.

Then get your social media followers ENGAGED in an interactive campaign with your brand.

Have a campaign that talks about why people love their toaster, posting pics kissing it / leaving lipstick marks on it, etc.

OR have kids post their best rocker face while wearing their Special Olympics cause bracelet
or even better, ask them to post a pic with their sibling or friend with special needs at a Special Olympics event.

We could do a “Flat Freddy” version of our gorilla mascot and send him all over the world via social media having people post fun pics with him in recognizable places.

It’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s interactive and best of all it’s branding!

Blow something like this up on Twitter in particular. Hash Tag it and then spread it across other social platforms to get the most out of your efforts and in the hopes it will get enough traction to maybe go viral.

I hope this episode has given you some great ideas to go out and start your next fun social media branding campaign with an inanimate object, not something that was on your To-Do list today I’m sure but you should definitely add it!

Remember - If you’re having fun doing it, it’s likely that others will have fun participating but it all starts with YOU.
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