Daley Dose Viewer Question On Periscope

By Carly Engel

Something new on the social media scene that is creating a lot of interest is Periscope.
Thanks to Sergio for the question.
Whether you’ve heard of this or not you have to love how they explain their reason for creating it…
“It may sound crazy but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation.”
Hello tech nerds – could there be a better reason?!
Periscope is an app, available for both Apple and Android that allows you to live stream video to Twitter or just within the Periscope app to other users.
To broadcast to Twitter you need to tap the Bird icon before beginning, otherwise it will only be on periscope.
If you want to broadcast to specific people do it privately by selecting the “private” option before beginning and then inviting whom you want to join.
It automatically records your live broadcast and makes it available to replay for 24 hours, at least for right now, that could always change.
You can invite your followers to tune in and They can “like” what you are saying by sending hearts that flutter higher on the screen the more you receive. Periscope keeps track of your hearts as a rating and these will help boost you to the “Most Loved” list.
Periscope will also suggest Twitter users for you based upon your activity.
Twitter purchased Periscope earlier this year so it’s no surprise they are tied together so intimately as far as the user experience.
Much like Google Hangouts this can be used for a multitude of things.
Have a live event happening? Engage followers online by broadcasting part or all of it.
You could even host live auctions for fundraising online this way
If you’re a retailer you could unpack new inventory online live to your customers, getting them excited and motivated to purchase.
It’s got a purely social aspect of course, the sharing of real time life experiences. Hot air ballooning across Egypt? Take EVERYONE along with you!
There’s also the potential to be a type of news source here as people can broadcast from within protests, within riots, within wars even. No filters. Pretty amazing.
I can’t wait to see how this will continue to develop and be used. There’s no doubt that it will impact our world much the way Vice News has, by connecting the world to real issues through real people as events happen.
It’s a brave new age. It’s not quite teleportation but I definitely get what they were going for!
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