Daley Dose Video Blogging Tips Part 4 Of 4

By Carly Engel

Video Blogging Tips Part 4
Part 4 already and it’s time to wrap up our series dedicated to motivating new video bloggers out there! We’re going to address length of videos, screen size and your audience today.
Always know your audience. That is where you start with any video project, any marketing project. Are your viewers tech savvy? Will they be on the go and watching your videos on mobile devices or will they be sitting in the office on their bigger screen? How long are their attention spans for consuming information?
Consider all of the factors before you start. You want your graphics to be easily readable on ANY device. You want your audio to play on all devices too and if you use the wrong cable or output in a strange format the chances of that happening diminish greatly.
The highest open and completion rate for watching online video is for videos that are 6 minutes long or less. When you start your video blog you might feel like you have so much to tell everyone that you’ll be tempted to go on and on and make long videos. Don’t do it! Increase your success by keeping it short.
Hit key points with graphics or screen shots that are easy to read. The best length for blog videos is 3 minutes or less. It’s okay to go up to 6 minutes long depending on your audience and topic but 3 or less is the way to go for your best results every time.
I feel compelled to be a good example of keeping it short after this episode so I’m going to sign off. Thanks for watching our series on video blogging tips. I hope that it has helped you and inspired you to finally give it a try. If you want the best results hire a professional but not everyone is ready for that step so we wanted to equip you with some basic knowledge to get you started on the road to success with your own video blog.
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