Daley Dose Video Blogging Tips Part 3 Of 4

By Carly Engel

Video Blogging Tips Part 3
Welcome back for Part 3 in this month-long series of tips to help you get started on your own video blog. This week I’m going to discuss Video Blogging Tools.
I’m going to make this really easy for you and share 4 basic, DIY options.
Google Hangouts is good because you can record right on your computer, you can screen share and record those images live and you can have guests in who participate in the hangout and your video. The bonus for doing it this way is that Google automatically optimizes the video recording for You Tube.
You Tube is great because well, it’s automatically on You Tube. They provide the options to drag in your video clips from whatever source you recorded them. They provide a library of free music and basic editing software.
Windows Movie Maker if you are a Windows and PC user is a simple program. It’s nothing fancy but it gets the job done. You can do some basic cuts, transitions, drop in some of your own music and voila – you have a finished video for your blog.
If you are a Mac user then I Movie is the way to go. It’s a simplified video editor that provides some cool stock transitions to choose from. It’s the same principle as Windows Movie for PC users. I personally think I Movie gives you more creative options and puts out a superior end product but I’m probably biased from being a Mac user when it comes to all things video, professionally speaking.
That’s it for this week. Hope it was helpful to you and that you’re one step closer to having the confidence or at least the curiosity about starting your own video blog. In the Next episode we’ll end our month-long focus on the topic of video blogging by addressing length of videos, screen size and your audience.
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