Daley Dose - Video Blogging Tips Part 1 Of 4

By Carly Engel

Since this IS a video blog and we’ve had people express interest in doing some of their own I decided to do a series of tips this month to help you get started. If you aren’t ready to hire a professional to help you create your ongoing series Then here are some simple options you can use to get started on your own.
A few key things to remember from the very start:
Keep it simple, both for you and the viewer.
Visually – keep it clean, easy to see you & to read any text you may incorporate
Verbally – keep is simple. Don’t use industry slang or big words if you want to appeal to a broader audience.
Consistency – pick your initial plan – once a quarter, once a month, once a week – and do your best to stick to it. People like consistency; it’s in our nature especially as consumers.
There are 3 easy set up’s you can choose from to get started:
Talking head (like me) – you can do it like we do on a green screen and drop in a virtual set or logo, or you can just film yourself sitting in front of your camera or computer
Interview style – like when I had Mark Cyr on as a guest expert in the Mobile Marketing episode
And Screen Capture – where you use software to record your computer screen while you walk viewers through some task or demo
I hope you found this first round of tips helpful.
Next week we’ll talk about equipment – lights, audio mic’s and so on.
After that we’ll round third base with some tips on video blogging tools you can use to make your life easier.
And we’ll end our focus on the topic of video blogging with an episode addressing length of videos, screen size and your audience.
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