Daley Dose – Short Form Video

By Carly Engel

Last week Hope shared with you about long form video and telling your story in an emotional way to get results.
If that wasn’t your bag then this week is all about you!
We’re talking short-form, short attention spans, brief messaging, high impact images and quick results.
With mobile and tablet viewing growing at just ridiculous rates, people unplugging or carrying the plugs with them, is a fact.
We’re a society built on convenience. We’re always on the go to somewhere or another, yet we always seem to have a few minutes of downtime where we inevitably whip out the cell and jump online.
Ahh, that is one sweet spot of short form.
Well, that and the still very plugged in TV sets across America of course!
Yes, TV commercials are short form video.
The pre-roll advertisement you’re forced to view when you watch an online video is short form monetization at it’s best. It’s one of the few ways left that advertisers can be guaranteed at least 5 seconds of your attention.
Some of the benefits of short form video, especially online, is that it is SO easy to do! Literally Point & Click with that phone you can’t seem to put down, and you can record directly to any number of online platforms including Google, You Tube, Instragram, Vine and more. Because it’s created for whatever short form online video platform you’re posting to, it won’t last forever and can be created about popular trending topics that might change as late as next week, tomorrow or as quickly as in an hour.

They key to short form success is to be engaging and QUICK!
The writer and producer are forced to get to the point quickly.
The viewer or audience is forced to receive the desired message quickly.
Do it right and you will get your audience to REACT quickly too.
Do it wrong and at least it won’t hang around to torment you forever – you can erase it with the success of your next attempt.

Do or don’t,
Try or won’t,
Either way,
eventually you’ll be using video or wishing you had.

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