Autism Speaks Hannah's Story

By Matthew

The Naples Art Association is the oldest fine art organization in Naples, Founded in 1954, the NAA is deeply committed to the community and the artist that call Naples home.
The mission of the Naples Art Association is to promote and advance art education,
Interest and Participation in the Visual Arts.
Our Vision is To Serve Individual Artists of All Ages and Skill Levels Along Their Creative Journeys and Provide Opportunities for The Community to Imagine, Discover & Create.
Hanna is one of the shining examples of how Naples Art Association's vision is impacting lives and improving futures
ARTScool features accredited art instructors who provide individual attention and weave academics into artistic sessions.
The curriculum provides project based learning incorporating several disciplines;
students create projects that relate art to subjects like math, science, language, history, technology, art and design.
Artscool is a way that YOU can encourage and support people like Hannah to pursue their dreams.
Remember, as Aristotle said, "Every artist was first an amateur."
Sponsor a scholarship, a student and a future.
Help us breathe the inspiration of art into individuals and guarantee that the beautiful expression of one's soul will always hold a significant place in our world...
Today, tomorrow and always.

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