3D Printed Bone Time-lapse

By Matthew

NGD Epica Timelapse

Video produced by Guerilla Media

When New generation Devices came to us to help create a cool way to share their next big, super cool invention we were pretty excited. NGD serves the veterinary field by creating custom plates that help with joint surgeries for the most beloved members of the family - the pets. As if that wasn't amazing enough, they continue to innovate and deliver new, cutting edge services through technology. In this time-lapse you get to see how they are 3D printing bones, specifically created from the scans done by a vet of a patient prior to surgery. This is particularly helpful when it's a difficult surgery as the surgeon can practice on the 3D printed bone so that surgery day goes seamlessly. This shoot took us a full-day and a lot of cameras to cut this into a fast paced and fun video. Enjoy!

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