Google changes that matter to businesses

Google is the top search engine, no doubt about it. It’s my preferred choice every time because it just gives me better, more relevant results. That’s why I am taking a variation from our standard blog posts to go over some changes that are especially important to businesses who rely on the web and internet for traffic, exposure and business.

First up, Google has updated their search algorithm. The main areas this impacts are how it searches and ranks: hot topics and recent events; regularly recurring events; and frequent updates. The purpose of the update was to keep current things easy to find and the results relevant, they call it “Freshness”.  Most businesses fall into the last category of “frequent updates,” meaning that for example when someone searches for a product or service in a specific geographic area Google wants to serve up choices to businesses that are still operational and not to places that have been closed for a year or even a month.  It makes sense and as a user I appreciate that, it is one of the reasons I (like millions of others) use Google over other search engines.

So why does this matter to you if you are a business? If you have a business website, gone are the days of letting it sit there unattended and expecting it to continue to bring you business and prospects. This new change with Google will eventually bury those sites that are not kept active and updated with fresh content, meaning you simply won’t come up in the searches. Ouch. If people can’t find you, that obviously will have significant impact on your business. Look at this as a prompt to get it in gear and put in a place a consistent plan to keep your web content fresh. One great way to keep your website content fresh and updated is with video and that is where Guerilla Media can be of assistance to you.

Google has also rolled out, worldwide as of November 7th, 2011, Google + Business Pages. This is HUGE! Watch this short video for Google+ updates that you need to know about. Now you can get connected with customers, friends and fans worldwide and get them involved in the experience of your brand.  They also added Direct Connect for businesses in Google+. It lets you add pages to circles from queries. Watch this short video to learn more.

So that’s it for now. These are major changes and we felt you needed to know. We love that Google used video to explain all of this too! Video is powerful, even Google agrees.

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